Terms of service

Conclusion of accommodation contract

The accommodation contract will be completed at the time of booking. No refund after check-in.

About check-in time and check-out time

Time to use hotel room.

  • Station square:15:00〜next 10:00
  • Sannoseki:16:00〜next 10:00

If you are staying consecutively, you can use it all day except the arrival date and departure date.

Cancellation fee(consumption tax is free)

  • The day before your stay, 20% of the basic fee
  • On the day of accommodation, 80% of the basic accommodation fee
  • Do not stay without notice, 100% of basic fee

※Depends on the type of accommodation such as group Cancellation fees may vary.

Accidents and theft in guest rooms

We are not responsible for any accidents or thefts that occur under the control of the customer in the hotel. Please be careful when handling valuables during your stay.

About use of guest rooms

When using hotel rooms, do not disturb other guests, such as room noise. Only guests can enter.


Care must be taken not to get dirty or damage the equipment or equipment. In the unlikely event that facilities or equipment are damaged, we will contact you to claim damages.

About the use of parking lot

If a guest uses the parking lot, we do not take any responsibility for parking theft, accidents or troubles between users.

Prohibited matters

  • Pets and animals
  • Bring livestock
  • Use of fire, flammable materials, hazardous materials, heating, etc.・Use for cooking (including cassette stoves and induction cookers)
  • Bring in odorous belongings
  • Act against public order and morals, inconvenience to other customers, act specified by our company
  • Use of antisocial forces
  • Other acts prohibited by law